The Orc Lord

For centuries, the Orc Lord has been nothing but an old story, sometimes forgotten. Then the Orc Lord helped bring down the Wizard King, who has now become the Lich King. Who will the Orc Lord bring down this time?

Usual Location

On the outskirts of civilization.

Common Knowledge

Orcs have always been a problem for the Kingdom, but not like the plague they are now. The idea that there is a true icon leading he orcs now makes terrible sense, given the number of villages being lost on the frontier and the increasing dangers of the wilderness. Most people think there may have been an Orc Lord at some point in the past, but only elves, historians, and people who pay attention to the world’s real problems remember the horror of the previous Orc Lord.

Adventurers & the Icon

Adventurers who like plunder more than law have joined up with the Orc Lord. Lawful and good adventurers are making their way to face the Orc Lord, but without much enthusiasm, since so much of the loot the orcs take gets spoiled quickly.


The Orc Lord is a big unknown. This icon has shown up only once before, so it’s hard to predict what he will do. Destruction is clearly in the cards, and the other icons are mostly sensible enough not to cozy up to the Orc Lord. That doesn’t mean they won’t try to use him to their advantage.


The Orc Lord helped bring down the Lich King before, when he was the Wizard King, so there’s bad karma between them. As a creation of the ancient elves, the Orc Lord has a special thirst for the Magister’s blood. It’s King Bertrand’s duty to defend the Kingdom against the Orc Lord. And the Dwarf King takes the Orc Lord’s claim on the mountains and the lands of the North as a personal affront.


The elves (or perhaps some rogue faction within the elves) seem to have created the original Orc Lord as part of a successful bid to take down the Wizard King. No Orc Lord has appeared in the ages since then until now.

The True Danger

Without allies, the Orc Lord will dash his army against the Kingdom and die before he sees Beymore. With allies. . . .

The Orc Lord

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