The Supreme Sorceress

The Supreme Sorceress had preserved the Kingdom for centuries and created astonishing new lands. She had also threatened the fabric of reality with experiments you’d have to be brilliant or hugely arrogant to attempt. Five decades ago the Sorceress and the Wizard King agreed to work together to end the Baatorian War; the result was nothing short of disastrous for both of them.

Usual Location

Unknown; the Supreme Sorceress was thought to have been killed decades ago. Rumor has it that she escaped death and now watches the Kingdom through the eyes of her many homunculi.

Common Knowledge

For hundreds of years, one woman held the Kingdom together—the Supreme Sorceress. While an everyday wizard works magic that can astound or destroy a crowd, the Supreme Sorceress once cast spells that made the civilized world safe and prosperous. Her magic quieted storms, enlivened crops, and staved off plague. That has all changed.

If the Sorceress did indeed survive the betrayal of King Bertrand, her attitude toward the Kingdom has surely changed. No longer will she be the benevolent protector she once was, and Phera will surely never be the same after her rebirth.

Adventurers & the Icon

There are rumors of adventurers who have recently been sponsored by the Sorceress, but most of them have turned out to be bold-faced lies. If the Sorceress is indeed alive and well, she would employ only a select few.


The dead have very few allies.


The Sorceress screams the King’s name from the deepest circles of Hell. The Magister, too, ranks among her most hated foes. Even the Lich King finds his name used in her elaborate curses.


During the Baatorian War, the Supreme Sorceress and the Wizard King agreed to work together to end the conflict between the human and the elves. Their combined power was a threat to the Magister, and their alliance an end to the then-prince Bertrand’s hope of ever sitting on the throne.

The Magister and Bertrand worked out a truce and a treaty. The elves then let loose their greatest mistake— the Orc Lord. The Orc Lord assassinated both the Wizard King and the Supreme Sorceress and Bertrand became King. His promises made to the Magister, however, did not last, and nor did the truce.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right so long as the Supreme Sorceress stays in her grave.

The Supreme Sorceress

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