King Bertrand

King Bertrand rules the Kingdom of Phera, and has done so since he made peace with the elves and ended the Baatorian war nearly five decades ago. Since then the King has kept an eye on the Elves and their Magister, ever-suspicious that the Elves might one day rise up to fight.

Usual Location

In Redtail Tower at the very heart of Beymore.

Common Knowledge

King Bertrand hails from a long line of noble rulers. It is his nature to lead. To the civilized people, he is the champion of their safety and prosperity.

Adventurers & the Icon

Adventurers are routinely hired by imperial functionaries to carry out all manner of ad hoc missions. Adventurers who work exclusively for the King are rewarded with increased pay and greater status, though other adventurers are likely to label them as imperial functionaries.


The Priestess work closely with King Bertrand. The Crusader and Great Gold Wyrm ostensibly are duty-bound to the King, but they interpret that duty as they each see fit. The Dwarf King is united with the King in pursuit of peace and security.


The Magister and the King have been at each other’s throats for the past fifty years. The High Druid supports the Elves and opposes many of the King’s moves against them. The Orc Lord seems destined to face King Bertrand, as the previous Orc Lord faced the Wizard King.


King Bertrand calmed the Elven uprising fifty years ago with a shaky alliance. The Magister and the then-prince agreed to set aside their differences to eliminate the threat of the Supreme Sorceress and her looming alliance with the Wizard King. Together, the pair assassinated Wizard King and the Supreme Sorceress. King Bertrand, however, did not keep the myriad of promise made and the alliance crumbled.

The King is not getting any younger and, even more troubling, he is without an heir. Surely it is only a matter of time before the Magister attacks Beymore and takes his seat on the throne.

The True Danger

Everything will be alright as long as the King stands stalwart between civilization and chaos.

King Bertrand

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